Financial Aid

Chesterton Academy has a $12,400 per-pupil cost for 2021-22.  The Target Tuition Rate (TTR)  is $8,085, among the most affordable high schools in the metropolitan area. 50% of the students attending Chesterton Aid are seeking additional financial aid. The typical family seeking financial aid is capable of paying around $3,800 per child, which would require a Total Aid Package (TAP) of $8,600. The average Family Tuition Rate (FTR), or the average amount  of tuition a family will pay at Chesterton Academy is $6,500

It is our goal to make sure tuition levels don’t ever prevent a child from growing their faith during the crucial teenage years. Enrollment trends are telling us there are families who would embrace the opportunity to attend a school like Chesterton Academy if they were not experiencing economic uncertainty.  

Each year there are approximately twenty students seeking admission that are placed on a financial aid waitlist because they are unable to pay 50% of the cost. The success or failure of spring fundraising efforts often determine if the students will be attending the school in the fall.  
For any specific funding opportunities contact Christopher Olley at colley@chesterton or 651-343-4177.

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