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Purchase Tickets for the World Premiere of Dale Ahlquist's Latest Play, The Fiery Love of God

In the late 15th century, a noblewoman in the midst of great wealth, great poverty, family rivalries, and a devastating plague, meets Christ face-to-face. The highlight of her fascinating story is the vision she was granted of Purgatory. The juniors of Chesterton Academy will present The Fiery Love of God, exploring the life of St. Catherine of Genoa.

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Tickets Now on Sale for Dale Ahlquist's Hilarious New Who-Dunnit, Presented by the Sophomores of Chesterton Academy

Is it a good idea to have a Mardi Gras party in a bank?Is it a good idea for everyone to be wearing masks? Is it a good idea for the entire staff to be ex-cons? Don’t bank on it.

Join us for the world premiere of Dale Ahlquist's hilarious new who-dunnit, presented by the Sophomores of Chesterton Academy and directed by Laura Ahlquist.

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