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Join us for a Lenten Evening of Reflection with Chesterton Academy

In the heart, the Christian wants to affirm that the world is God's creation. Contemporary biology's primary role is not to lend support directly to such a claim. Yet the denial of finality and order in nature, the sometimes arrogant denial that there would be anything else out there other than genes and populations according to the synthetic theory of evolution, are certainly not science's last words. Join us for an evening with Dr. Philippe Gagnon as he discusses the place for science in the theology of glory.

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Join us for Wine, Cheese and an Advent Lecture

Although the Church very clearly teaches that faith always complements and builds upon reason, we are still left to raise the question of just how and why things beyond reason complement and build on reason itself. After providing an analogy to understand the fundamental relationship of faith and reason, we will argue that faith alone satisfies the rational desire to understand our own history.

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Join Us For an Information Session at St. Michael's Parish in Stillwater

You are invited to an information session about Chesterton Academy on Tuesday, November 18 in the social hall of the Church of St. Michael in Stillwater, MN. Join us for refreshments at 6:30PM and a formal presentation at 7:00PM. Headmaster John Niemann and Academic Dean Will Lasseter will provide an overview of the Chesterton Academy high school experience, including its integrated, classical curriculum taught through the lens of the Catholic faith.

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