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Prayer is ingredient to the mission and efforts of Chesterton Academy. The power of prayer something God invites us to use as we seek not only personal transformation but the transformation of the world as well.

Please use the poll below to indicate that you have offered up a prayer for our community's special intentions! Whether you offer up 1 or 10 prayers for us, your prayers are greatly appreciated, and we firmly believe that they will be efficacious in supporting the mission and direction of our school.

PRAYER POLL: Please click one (or more than one!) of the buttons below to indicate that you have offered up a prayer for Chesterton Academy and one of our prayer intentions. Thank you for your prayers.
For more families to learn about Chesterton Academy so that we can have an increase in enrollment (at least 20 more students for the upcoming academic year)
For the guidance of our new headmaster, Mr. Christopher Olley
For successful Chesterton Gala and an increase in annual giving, so that we can provide a Chesterton education for as many families as possible, and no child is left behind
For increased participation in our culture of life (in our classrooms, activities, and our Crusaders for Life Club), so that we can raise a generation of joyful leaders and saints
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Be assured of our prayers for you—our community is interceding for your own intentions as well! If you would like to share an intention with us, please email or call 952-378-1779. Your intention will be added to our community list of prayers (shared weekly within our community via email).


Sunday, May 29—Sunday, June 5, 2022

Pray a Thon social and email header

Chesterton Academy is celebrating its first annual Pray-a-Thon, a weeklong movement to immerse our community in prayer and more fully entrust our school and mission to the wisdom of God. The Pray-a-Thon will also be celebrated in conjunction with our patron G. K. Chesterton's birthday (Sunday, May 29th), and this year it will start on May 29th and run through Sunday, June 5.

Our goal is to have 1,000 prayers said for Chesterton Academy (for our current and prospective students, faculty, staff, and families) by Sunday, June 5! Please use the Prayer Poll at the top of the page to indicate that you have offered a prayer for our community. Your prayers will be added to the digital tracker.

The Chesterton Academy Pray-a-Thon has two goals: to respond to the call to "pray without ceasing" (1 Thessalonians 5:17) and to gather intentions from our community to be prayed for during the prayer marathon.

We ask you to please join us in our mission to transform the world by asking for your prayers as we lead our students and grow our community, that we may be guided by the Holy Spirit in our decisions and efforts.

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