About First Robotics Competition

Robotics club is a "sport of the mind," which challenges students to tackle difficult engineering problems as a part of a global program called 'First Robotics Competition.' In this series of events, high schoolers from around the world build industrial-size robots to compete against one another in various field games.

Students learn valuable lessons in science and technology in addition to practicing budgeting, strategic planning, teamwork, and leadership skills.

"Robotics has been an amazing experience for me. My teammates have become some of my closest friends. As team captain, my relationship with the mentors has taught me many things about organization and leadership."

-Leopold M.

Sponsoring Robotics Club

In addition to scientific and technological lessons, students also learn to network in their community to raise funds for their team's needs. These include the funds to build their robot, pay for entrance fees, and supply for smaller items like t-shirts.

We thank our community members for their support of our students. Our sponsors allow students to encounter impactful, real-world engineering challenges while learning to work as a team and have fun.

If you have interest or questions about becoming a sponsor, please contact our coach, Mike Hess.

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