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The Legacy Society

The Chesterton Academy Legacy Society is a community like-minded disciples who have remembered the school in their legal will. They are characterized by a desire to see the Church grow, starting with the young. That desire is being realized in the lives of our students like Braedan, who said, "Going to daily Mass and having the privilege of daily confession is truly one of the best things that's ever happened in my life."

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What if I don't have a legal will yet?

Through our partnership with My Catholic Will, we're pleased to offer you complimentary services that allow you to set up a legal will in a brief and straightforward manner.

My Catholic Will is a reputable organization specializing in partnership with Catholic non-profits to provide legacy services. This process can be completed in as little as 15 minutes, depending on the complexity of your estate. You can adjust your will at any time to reflect the changes in your life’s journey.

Once you have added Chesterton Academy to your bequests, please notify us so we can add you as a member of our legacy society. We are deeply grateful for your consideration and for your ongoing support of our mission.

Legacy Society Membership

Joining our Legacy Society is easy! Simply notify us that you've included Chesterton Academy in your bequests by filling out our quick form.

Members are invited to special legacy events as well as plays, concerts, and school Masses. Our student prayer team also remembers them by name when making intercessions. We are so grateful for your generosity and thank God for you.

Your Gift Makes an Impact

"The most important things that Chesterton Academy has provided for me is the beginnings of a roadmap to heaven, the means to make it there, and wonderful people to share the journey with."
Jacob, Class of 2024
"A religious sister once said that sometimes there are moments where heaven and earth meet, and Chesterton is one of them."
Anna, Class of 2024
"I feel as though, through Chesterton, God has placed the wisdom of the ages at my fingertips, and I need only to accept it."
Teresa, Class of 2024
"Chesterton Academy welcomed me into a community of thoughtful, intelligent, and joyous teenagers who were devoted to upholding their Catholic faith."
Victoria, Class of 2024
"I know it may have sounded like an exaggeration when I said that transferring to Chesterton was the most important decision I ever made, but I really meant it... I cringe to think of the direction I might have gone without this school."
Doyle, Class of 2024
"There is no other place where I have seen individuals so fully alive and themselves."
Student, Class of 2024
"Chesterton Academy gave me not only the resources to become a better person but surrounded me with friends all striving after God and sainthood. They have inspired me to dive deeper into my faith than I ever imagined. Without Chesterton, I would not be the Catholic I am today."
Matthew, Class of 2024
"It has given me some of the best friends I have ever had and has strengthened my love for the Catholic faith. The spiritual formation at this school is unlike anything I had seen before."
Luke, Class of 2024

Join the Legacy Society

Have you designated Chesterton Academy in your legal will?(Required)
Thank you for remembering Chesterton Academy of the Twin Cities in your bequests. We pray knowing the impact of your gift brings you unique joy, and we hope you enjoy fellowship with others in our legacy society who care about education and the future of the Catholic Church! May God bless you.
Tyler Blanski

Schedule a Meeting

Have questions or ideas? Our director of advancement, Tyler Blanski, would be happy to meet with you, whether it's grabbing coffee, giving you a tour of the school, attending daily Mass with you, or meeting virtually. You can schedule a time on Tyler's calendar below, or email

Pray for us. Visit us. Support us.

Thank you for your generosity. Your prayers and consistent financial support allow us to bring a joyful, Catholic education to more families than ever before. Thank you.

All donations go directly to support the academic and evangelical work of Chesterton Academy, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization.

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